The new institution of the elective regional government is a reality. It is an institution that can deepen local democracy, release local potential, improve services delivered to citizens, and establish institutions of transparency and accountability. At the same time, it claims more from the central Government for the benefit of local societies. We believe in this institution, we serve this institution, our vision and guideline is the benefit of our fellow-citizens and our home country.

From the first day we haven been acting conciliatorily, with the aim of cultivating a spirit of regional conscience and unity. We do our best for the reduction of intraregional inequalities. We cooperate with the first-degree regional government and the local entities, so as to make the most of any financing possibility for necessary interventions that will create a feeling of safety and progress to our fellow-citizens.

We regard the elective region only as a great opportunity, a great opportunity for us to set strong fundamentals for a new viable and balanced developmental framework for our country.

We are making use of this communication podium as well, making our work known to our fellow-countrymen and all Cretans from everywhere, so that they can be informed about it and evaluate it every day.

Regional Governor of Crete
Stavros Arnaoutakis

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