In GREECE – CHANIA – CRETE 23/24 November 2012

General Theme: Heritage and Mediterranean Common Future

In the Mediterranean area, where our network operates in the areas of training and research in
Information Science and Communication, manifested in recent years a number of social movements
and political events, we have integrated into theoretical models of post-colonialism and postmodernism.
But to analyze and understand them, one must know the languages that mediate speech coming from all
sides and from many sources. Knowing this means decoding the language concepts, style, rhetoric,
time of utterance and context of the statement. Our research project is the study of the evolution
of concepts used in media spaces Mediterranean design a comparative glossary that will allow us
to improve the knowledge and understanding. Along with a reflection on the Dialogue of Civilizations
essential for lasting peace in the world. To this end we have been led to conceive the project of the creation
of a “Thesaurus” of terms commonly used in information and communication, local populations of these areas,
and the difference of interpretation may generate in some cases an entropy detrimental to intercultural dialogue
and mutual understanding difficult because most of the time based on other cultural codes leading
to a specific interpretation.

The first meeting on this subject was held in the University Fernando Pessoa under the chairmanship
of Professor Salvato Trigo, Rector of the University Forum : “Legacy and Future shared Mediterranean:
a study of nomadic concepts in Information and Communication” under the 23 / November 24th 2012
is the logical continuation of our approach.